BOYCOTT HALAL is not against Muslims having halal – as long as they PAY for it and keep it just within their own communities in the Non-Islamic countries where they live.
We are not Followers of Islam and do not require halal certification… and we certainly do not want to pay for it – or find that we have been tricked into buying halal certified products or services when we go shopping or eat out.
The Halal Industry have been introducing halal certified products into our food chain & non-food markets SECRETLY.
This is a Stealth Jihad in most, if not all, Non-Islamic countries of the world, because many halal products are not labelled as such at the point of sale – so we buy them unwittingly. 
The discarded ritually slaughtered meat which is judged to be unfit for muslim consumption is rejected by a Muslim at the post-slaughter inspection… This ritually slaughtered meat which has been judged to be HARAM is put in a separate warehouse and sold off to supermarkets & other suppliers at a cheaper price… and is then sold to Non-muslim customers without telling them! 
What are supermarkets say is that this prevents wastage and keeps prices down, but this meat was found to be unfit for Muslim consumption – so why should we be tricked into eating it? it should be thrown away! This meat would have been rejected through a blemish, or (worryingly) a spillage of stomach contents, or even more worryingly – from a ritually slaughtered animal which was found to be possibly diseased… This rejected meat is put into a separate warehouse… and according to Sharia Law must not be labelled Halal – so it is purposely sold on to us, unlabelled!
BOYCOTT HALAL, Halal Bi-products & the Haram cast-offs from halal slaughterhouses that cannot be labelled halal, but have been ritually slaughtered!
NOTE: This meat is traceable via the EU MEAT CODE as being from halal slaughterhouses, so learn how to understand what these Codes mean, by becoming a Member of our MEAT WATCH Panel. — with Steve SimmonsKarl von BusseLinda Hall IIand 31 others.

Evil Cunts do this to Animals.