Men who go to football matches to fight, do not take their kids and wife’s. They go mob handed with other males. You can get life bans from football stadiums for bad behavior. If you value watching football over fighting (like Robinson does) then you keep out of trouble. At his court case the Judge said that the Police acted lawfully. If that’s true, then the law is wrong and it needs to be changed. The Police deleted their body cam recordings. Under the 1984 preservation of evidence act, they are compelled to preserve evidence. They failed to do this. They have broken the law. Because Robinson is a football fan, this now means that wherever he is, if a football match is in progress, then he can be ordered out of town. People should be in no doubt now that the state is using the legal system to persecute Robinson.

On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, I talked about my experience in the UK covering Tommy Robinson’s latest court case suing the Cambridgeshire Constabulary for harassing him and his family in the summer of 2016.

This proves the UK is now a Police state.Corrupt to the core

He was driven out of town like a cowboy in a western movie Then handed a massive fine for what exactly ? Both the Police and the Judge were a DISGRACE

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