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I don’t usually agree with Everything that TR says or does but this I do. Panorama and the BBC and controlled media are nothing more than propagandist gangster scum who is also on the warpath against Brian Harvey of East 17. Finish them! * Added after people’s comments to my post… Regarding any rape gangs and any reporting on criminal court cases as they are in process; where broadcasting a case could have implications that could mean the case gets dropped and the perps get let off, these rules should be adhered to. TR knew that there was a D-Notice on press reporting and he also had conditions set by previous court issues against himself, that meant he knew he should not have been outside when he was arrested. Don’t get me wrong, I would defend anyone’s rights to freedom of speech. It’s just that his actions could have jeopardised the prosecutions. Also, there is a 2012 video on YouTube showing how TR boasts about being pro-Israel / Pro-Zionist. And I cannot agree with that because of the obvious matters relating to Palestine, Israel and how the Israeli government (via the banking cartels) are controlling too many other countries governments. In my opinion, most of the world’s war and conflict matters stem from banking gangsters and tend to include Israel, UK and USA as the baddies in reality, with fake news spread against the defending country. Libya is one good example. Iraq is another. And now we have Venezuela. Shame TR has been removed from Facebook and other platforms now. It’s freedom of speech that we must fight for, regardless of the cause behind it. I’m not so sure about the campaigning that “TR is wanting all his followers to delete their own FB profiles in protest”. That seems a bit suspect.

BBC Panorama EXPOSED full Documentary LIVE
we have the power to Expose the BBC and Establishment

I have to admit I too believed the picture the main stream media painted about Tommy Robinson. I believed he was just another far-right racist. But after watching some of his videos on YouTube and seeing this video, I now believe the media are just out to smear him with whatever they can for speaking the truth. Tommy you have gained one more supporter here. Stay safe Tommy, the elite will definitely be coming after you now.
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